About STP

STP for Event Management and Communications was founded in 2016, with a dream to lead the event management field in Egypt.

STP has a young, creative, dynamic and well-trained team with a strong expertise, which qualifies it to lead the market and provide well-tailored services to develop professional and large-scale events.

STP strives to create a state of creativity and introduce innovative solutions to the market while delivering more than just expectations and keep its customers satisfied.

STP aims to be the leading top-notch event management company in Egypt and the Arab World through organizing booming events.


Our vision is to lead, not to compete. We strive to be the top-of-mind solutions provider that helps you lead, create and exit the area of competition.


We develop strategies that help you accomplish your goals and solve your problems, because we have the innovation, planning and analyzing tools needed to develop realistic solutions for your current and future plans.


We change

perceptions and mindsets.

We create

and manage appeals to control the communication process.


We're the creativity engine of your brand's lifecycle.

We strive

We strive for creating not competing.

Outside the box

By the time you try to think outside the box, we'll be building a whole new box. So, think like there is no box.

Team Message:

We have the luxury and sense of ownership that allows us to drive our company forward and position it as a leading top-of-mind company. We believe that success can only be achieved through contribution and collaboration.
What We Offer


Events Management:

Create, plan, implement, evaluate and report. Five words to manage any event, regardless its size and number of attendees.

Crisis Management:

We have the strategies, scenarios and tactics to solve your current crisis and avoid future ones.

Brand Building:

Fresh ideas to refresh your brand.

IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications):

We have the branding knowledge to plan your brand’s communication, position and value, and thus creating brand equity.

Click Communications:

See, click, engagement, leadership and loyalty. Five words to manage brands click communications and strategy.

Promotion Tools:

Activations, TV advertisements, Printing, etc. We create buzz around your brand.

Public Relations:

Your reputation is our responsibility.


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